Fuentech Drum School, open in 2003 by John Fuentes in Torrance, California.

John held first chair in the Pasadena High School marching band, participating in the percussion ensembles, orchestra, jazz and also latin ensembles, furthering his education on Pasadena city college, with a major in music.

John also studied with some of the most influential drummers, such as Terry Bozzio, George Vugeemona, Ray Hernandez, Tito Puentes among others, plus being a recording and touring artist for MCA / Fono Visa and Metalblade records.

Fuentech Drum School has over 75 weekly students from the ages of 4 up til 65 years old.

All ages and levels are welcome! We teach from the very young kids banging on their moms pots and pans, teenagers putting their first band together, adults discovering how drumming can improve their lives, to professional working drummers that are playing out every night and touring around US and overseas.

The school features 2 drum sets, side by side, enabling the teacher to play along the student, to demonstrate to the student how it should be performed and to stress important points while playing, saving a lot of lesson time and making it easy for the student to comprehend the lessons fully.

Fuentech Drum School also only uses books with cd's.

The school also features a 26 pieces drum kit on a stage with lights and effects to simulate a live situation preparing the students for live action.

Included is a practice pad area used for warm-up, mirror work, technique analysis, evaluation of correct sticking, strokes and patterns with accents.

We also have the speed zone, equipped with "drumometers" (digital strokes counter), where students constantly check the progress of their speed, precision and endurance.



- Fuentech is now booking students for the Highly Intense Program ( H.I.T), a new concept program that will take your dexterity, endurance, speed and control to higher levels.... read more

- Thomas Lang Masterclass
We had Thomas Lang on Nov 16th for a masterclass that people left the school in amazement....it was 2 hours of massive drum knowledge, Q & A, and just an overall really good vibe. View Pics

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Fuentech Drum School (310) 346-5066 3981 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA 90503 fuentechdrumschool@gmail.com